Arev Imer / Rain Frame playing at Cargobar © Daniel Konrad Amrein 2021

Hi, I’m Arev﹣a musician & developer in the field of electronic music, currently living in Basel.

I freelance as an audio engineer, develop machines & code that make noise and compose & perform electronic music.


Having completed my master’s degree in Audiodesign at the electronic studio of the FHNW Academy of Music in 2022, my emerging projects are of various nature. I am doing sound engineering, collaborative or solo live performances/compositions for different media, and I love to work on music-related electronics. This can range from repairing old vintage equipment like tape machines and mixers to creating new-found ideas. Many projects involve hardware design and/or programming, partly self-taught and knowledge I obtained from studies and internships.

As I find tactility crucial to creating music, I am enthusiastic about working with hardware equipment and instruments – especially modular synths. Every now and then, I can also be found in various projects playing my violin.

languages & tools

Max/MSP and FAUST for most of my DSP projects
Arduino and Teensy for quick prototyping
DipTrace as my personal EDA choice and Altium
C++ and a LUA & Python for programming