Arev Imer / Rain Frame playing at Cargobar © Daniel Konrad Amrein 2021

Hi, I’m Arev — a musician and developer in the field of electronic music living in Basel.

My work includes composing and performing electronic music as well as repairing, modifying and building electronic instruments alongside coding software for making music.


Currently studying in the Audiodesign master’s program at the Academy of Music in Basel, emerging projects are of various nature. I am doing sound engineering, collaborative or solo live performances and composition for different media. Next to working with Max/MSP I also enjoy developing for different DSP platforms and building custom audio-electronic devices. Many projects therefore involve hardware design and/or programming, which is partly self-taught and knowledge I obtained from studies and internships.

As tactility is crucial to me in creating music, I am very enthusiastic about working with hardware instruments — especially modular synths. Every now and then I can also be found in various projects playing my violin.

languages & tools

Max/MSP and FAUST for most of my DSP projects
Arduino and Teensy for quick prototyping
DipTrace being the EDA of my choice and a little Altium
C++ and a little LUA & Python for programming