PHASE4 at ZeitRäume Festival Basel in Gannet


audiovisual installation @ ZeitRäume Festival Basel 2021

"Tipping and Transiting between image, music and text in playful interactions. Ghosts of the past and visions of the future open gates to parallel worlds and dimensions."

in collaboration with Linus Riegger, Basil Huwyler & Clemens Fiechter

Circuit Lights

performance for electronics and lightbulbs (2019)

Circuit Lights is an improvised light and sound performance. Ordinary lightbulbs are used, as well as electromagnetic relays, which are switched via control signals from a modular synthesizer. The pickup of the relays is processed and leads together with the improvised sounds of the electronics to an autonomous interaction.

Nemesis programmable multichannel DSP platform for eurorack


programmable multichannel DSP platform for eurorack

Nemesis is the successor to the pedal prototype I built to run the mooSpace reverberation effect I developed. It is powered by a Teensy 4.1 and offers 8 channels audio in and out with the attached expanders and 9 CV controllable parameters. The DSP part is handled by FAUST which allows to quickly sketch an idea and have it running on an embedded system in a very short time.


pressure-sensitive control interface for modular synthesizers

Motus is a touch controller primarily intendes for controlling modular synths and consists out of eight sliders and two xy pads. With all analog outputs for pressure, position and contact it allows for a versatile use. It holds multiple MPR121 capacitive touch sensors which are being read by a teensy. This also allows for digital control of devices over midi or I2C.

mooSpace (prototyp) transformable reverberation effect unit


transformable reverberation effect unit

mooSpace is heavily inspired by the schematic found in Dattorros Effect Design* Part 1: " the style of Griesinger". However, additional control parameters for the algorithm allow for even greater tonal variance. Furthermore, by using interpolating all-pass filters, common artefacts like clicks (resulting from manual modulation of the size parameter) are avoided.

quiet studio
a long, bright cable carries
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